Electimuss Summanus Parfum For Unisex
Electimuss Summanus Parfum For Unisex

Electimuss Summanus Parfum for Unisex

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Embrace the Enigma of Night with Electimuss Summanus

In the realm of fragrance, Electimuss Summanus reigns supreme, a symphony of allure that transcends gender. Unveiled in 2020, this enigmatic scent captivates hearts with its tantalizing dance of amber and rose.

Like a celestial storm on a velvet night, Summanus unfurls its electric presence with a burst of invigorating cardamom, bergamot, and orange. A hint of pine and ginger adds a touch of intrigue, while a flicker of black pepper sparks a rebellious edge.

As the storm unfolds, a seductive floral heart blooms, where Bulgarian rose and jasmine absolute intertwine with the rich warmth of cognac, creating an intoxicating elixir. The base reveals a sensual undercurrent of guaiac and tonka bean, blended seamlessly with fragrant woods and a wisp of incense.

Inspired by the Roman deity of Nocturnal Thunder, Summanus embodies the duality of night. Its vibrant top notes evoke a lightning bolt of excitement, while the opulent base evokes the moody depths of darkness.

Elevate your aura with this captivating amber rose, a charming and versatile fragrance that lingers like a whisper of the night. Embrace the enigmatic allure of Summanus, the Monarch of Night, and let its symphony of scents ignite your senses.
Electimuss Summanus Parfum For Unisex

Electimuss Summanus Parfum for Unisex

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