Electimuss Jupiter Parfum For Unisex
Electimuss Jupiter Parfum For Unisex

Electimuss Jupiter Parfum for Unisex

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Embark on an Olympian Odyssey with Electimuss Jupiter Parfum

Ascend to the celestial heights with Electimuss Jupiter Parfum, a unisex fragrance that embodies the grandeur and allure of the King of Gods. Released in 2020 by the visionary perfumer Sofia Bardelli, this olfactory masterpiece captivates with its complex and enchanting blend.

A eulogy to the mighty Jupiter, this scent commands attention with its potent woody heart, as rich and earthy as the very heavens. Incense, the sacred offering of ancient rituals, intertwines with the celestial notes of amber, casting an otherworldly spell.

Unveiling its bountiful essence, Jupiter Parfum unfolds a symphony of sensuality. Cistus, the intoxicating nectar of the Mediterranean, weaves a tapestry of warmth, while vanilla and tonka beans add a tantalizing sweetness. Grey amber, the treasure of the sea, leaves an enduring trail of its musky allure.

Like the thunderbolt wielded by Jupiter, this fragrance ignites a primal desire within. Its seductive power is undeniable, enchanting those who dare to embrace its divine presence.

Unveiling the secrets of its celestial composition, Jupiter Parfum tantalizes with a celestial tapestry of fragrant notes:

* Celestial Opening: Saffron, incense, cistus, and davana intertwine, creating an ethereal gateway to the divine.
* Terrestrial Heart: Patchouli, sandalwood, cedar, and vetiver ground this heavenly fragrance, anchoring it to the earthy realm.
* Elysian Base: Oud, grey amber, tonka, ambretta seeds, musk, and vanilla coalesce in a warm, resinous embrace, echoing the eternal allure of the heavens.

Experience the celestial seduction of Electimuss Jupiter Parfum. Ascend to the heights of opulence and ignite the fire within.
Electimuss Jupiter Parfum For Unisex

Electimuss Jupiter Parfum for Unisex

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